Everything comes crashing down

Skyline movie

""Skyline," directed and produced by Greg and Colin Strause ("Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem"), is a science fiction thriller about aliens who come to Earth and start to capture humans. The film stars two couples, Jarrod (Eric Balfour, "Dinoshark") and Elaine (Scottie Thompson, "Trauma"), with Terry (Donald Faison, "Next Day Air"), and Candice (Brittany Daniel, "Loveless in Los Angeles"). The film mostly consists of these four characters attempting to survive the alien attack, which is unfortunate because none of the characters are likable.

"This is the film’s most glaring problem. The audience is supposed to care about the characters, but every single character is narcissistic, irritating and moronic. They don’t even attempt to redeem themselves throughout the film and gain the sympathy of the audience. Unfortunately, the aliens aren’t any more interesting. They just arrive out of nowhere, abduct humans and kill them, serving as an over-looming antagonist with no characterization or motivation.

"The film’s special effects are horrendous. The creators clearly weren’t thinking about coherent anatomy or the biology behind the aliens’ development. A random mess of floating tentacles, they are not convincing, scary, or even threatening. But that wouldn’t even matter so much if the main characters just started fighting back and killing the aliens. Unfortunately, they don’t do anything except sit in a single room for most of the movie and debate whether they should stay or leave.

"This debate keeps going on and off throughout the entire film and it gets really boring around the third time they have the conversation. This is amplified by the unlikable characters and even more so by dreadful acting. But even if the story was interesting, characters were likable, the acting was good and the aliens seemed like a plausible threat, it would still be hard to concentrate on the movie with the frustratingly shaky camera. "Skyline" is not even on the level of "so terrible that it’s really funny to watch", it is just all terrible all the time.

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