University Police to hire four new officers

Four University Police officers retired at the end of September, leaving a temporary hole in U.P.

Lt. Mike Taylor, Lt. Kirk Coates, Lt. Geri Bosco and Officer David Scott retired on Sept. 29.

"Losing their expertise will no doubt have an impact, but we will train and support new officers in key leadership roles and we will re-build the agency over this next year," Police Chief Cynthia Adam said. "We have already moved to make some of these changes in the past weeks with the help and support of our campus administration and human resources."

The retired officers were a considerable asset to UP, one that Adam said will be greatly missed by both the UP force and all of campus.

The four open slots in the UP force will be filled by experienced officers who attend police academy and then return to University Police on campus for a number of months of field training. Those officers will be required to have college degrees and are hired from a civil service list.

Adam said the campus will not be negatively affected by the officers’ retirement.

"[Until] officers have been replaced the remaining work force will all have to work a little harder," Adam said. "Doing more with less hands is what is expected…it is the nature of state service."

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