Stairs to lakefront still functional, despite wear

"Access to the lakefront on the Oswego State campus could be a risk for students.

"The condition of the two sets of stairs leading to the lakefront, one behind Johnson Hall and one behind Waterbury Hall, has become a topic of discussion amongst students.

"According to Mary DePentu, director of Facilities Operations at Oswego State, the stairway behind Johnson has surface rust and a mid-rail that needs to be attached, but these do not interfere with the reliability of the stairs.

""Both sets of stairs are anchored and structurally sound," DePentu said.

"The shoreline is property that is owned and controlled by Oswego State and University Police are responsible for law enforcement and emergency response on the lakefront.

"University Police Assistant Chief John Rossi does not think the condition of the stairway is a major problem. According to Rossi, there was only one or two reported incidents involving injury on the stairs last year and no incidents have been reported this semester.

"The lakefront is a popular area for students to relax and spend time, but, accessing the lakefront can be dangerous and deserves the students’ attention.

"There are several makeshift paths that have been made by students over the years on West Campus. Many of these paths are steep, rocky and hard to maneuver. The stairs offer easier access to the lakefront.

"According to DePentu, there are no definitive plans to repair any damage to the stairs at this time, and although the stairs may have some physical wear, they still function properly.

""The lake and shoreline are one of the key reasons many students want to come to SUNY Oswego," Adam said. It is majestic, powerful, unpredictable and inspiring. Utmost caution should be used in accessing the lake area."

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