Piez construction on schedule, site deemed safe by campus officials

"Construction on the new science complex is under way and on schedule, despite an accident on Sept. 23 when a sheeting and shoring machine toppled over outside Snygg Hall.

"No one was injured and no long-term delays are expected from the accident, Allen Bradberry, project coordinator said.

""You deal with those issues on a routine basis in construction and you make accommodations for it," Bradberry said.

"Work near Snygg halted for a few days while the toppled drill machine was removed and a replacement brought in. The replacement machine arrived Monday and finished boring the last hole on the same day. The drill rig was used to build a retaining wall to hold earth in place while excavation is done near Snygg Hall.

"College officials reviewed the incident and met with employees from subcontractor Hayward Baker following the accident.

""We certainly did our own safety evaluation," Bradberry said.

"It was determined that uneven ground and the wetness of the soil contributed to the mishap. Under the circumstances, the construction workers in the immediate area around the drill rig did "everything right," Bradberry said. A meeting with the operator of the drill rig and other construction workers was held to outline safety procedures.

"Workers leveled the ground where the drill rig was operating and put down a small bed of stone.


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