Parking tickets spark outrage, confusion for Village residents

"Many residents in The Village received $20 parking tickets Sept. 24 for not having a special Village parking sticker.

"University Police’s Lieutenant Kevin Velzy said the high number of Village residents who did not get their "V" sticker may be due to online registration. After registering for a parking pass, students still need to go to the Parking Office for the special sticker.

""Apparently a lot of the people that live over there did not get [the sticker]," Velzy said.

""I was not told by the parking office that a V was required to park in the village and was not handed one when I registered my car and paid the parking fee," said Ajay Lentini, a senior computer science major.

"Velzy added that students who were fined can appeal their tickets by bringing them to the Parking Office and getting their Village sticker.

"If they do this, "any tickets they received for that reason will be voided," he said.

""We’re trying to encourage students to come forward and get their appropriate Village credentials, meaning their [V sticker], to put on their vehicles," said UP Chief Cynthia Adam.

""When I went to appeal the ticket later that day the lady working at the time informed me that there was no way for them to tell which vehicles were valid and which ones weren’t, so they were just going to ticket them all and give the people who were parked there legally a warning," Lentini said.

"However, he added, students who receive another warning will have to pay. "Because of their laziness I had to use my one warning for parking in a spot where I was supposed to park," Lentini said.

"There are currently 170 available parking spaces for over 300 Village residents. Five additional spaces have been reserved for senior staff and maintenance.

""We’re doing this for [residents’] benefit," Velzy said. "They shouldn’t be upset."

""I got quite pissed," Lentini said. "I mean here I am, a student that followed all their directions, I paid the outrageous parking fee to park in The Village and got ticketed for it."


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