King Arthur’s closing its doors until new owner is found

"Local bar and steakhouse King Arthur’s will keep its doors closed indefinitely while it searches for new ownership. The current owner of the restaurant, Tony Pauldine, said that his company was always devoted to the development of downtown Oswego. King Arthur’s was their starting point.

""We’re best suited to be builders and developers," Pauldine said. "[King Arthur’s was] our entrance into the building world."

"Along with the Community Development Committee and Oswego’s Industrial Development agency, Pauldine helped rebuild downtown Oswego. The town, he said, is now on an economic upswing after being down for nearly 20 years. When King Arthur’s opened in 2002, there were not nearly as many businesses as there are today. Nearly 40 percent of the space was vacant, he said. Currently, there is no availability for blocks on Bridge Street.

"Pauldine is currently in the process of selling the business. There are several parties interested in buying the building. He said that he is leaning toward any party who demonstrates the desire to preserve the culture for a healthy and vibrant downtown Oswego.

""There’s nothing to buy or sell and that’s huge," he said.

"Pauldine said that Oswego’s economic peak is bringing an influx of out-of-town buyers for King Arthur’s. He expects no problems in selling the building, but is not sure whether new owners will re-open the restaurant or start their own endeavor.

"Pauldine’s main concern is preserving a place that has been a cornerstone of Oswego’s history. The building was a major part of the Underground Railroad, and since that time has had numerous people passing through, Pauldine said.

"Bill Reilly, the owner of River’s End Bookstore on West Bridge Street, said the restaurant used to be a great venue for local musicians. Jazz singer Mary Horan, musician Rob Auler and faculty from the music department at Oswego State used to perform at King Arthur’s on a regular basis.

"Authors who made appearances at the bookstore would often go across the street to King Arthur’s for cocktails when they finished. Riley said King Arthur’s was an important part of Oswego’s culture.

"Reilly said that while it is sad that the restaurant is closing, it is also unavoidable. As new restaurants such as La Parilla and Red Sun come into the community, older restaurants are forced to leave.

""It’s inevitable that businesses come and go. But especially in our community , businesses come and fill these gaps," Reilly said. "It’s a key part of the revitalization of downtown."


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