Weezer’s ‘Hurley’ a modern day success

"Hurley," the all-American alternative rock band Weezer’s new album, was released on Sept. 14. Their new album takes on the feeling from their previous works (The Blue Album, The Green Album) and incorporated it into a modern day success.

Weezer who formed in 1992, is still making music that captures the hearts of old fans and makes new fans wonder why they never listened to Weezer before. Their new album "Hurley," is a masterpiece that will continue their fame perhaps for another 18 years.

One new song "Memories," off the album is reminiscent of the band’s previous hits, which include "Holiday," "Undone (The Sweater Song)," and "Hash Pipe." As the album progresses, it becomes apparent that many songs can and most likely will be hits, such as "Ruling Me" and "Run Away." The best thing about this album is although the songs sound like old-school Weezer, the songs are fresh. The music is upbeat; and the lyrics are innovative and meaningful.

Their album cover features a picture of Jorge Garcia, who played Hurley on the ABC show "Lost." Weezer were huge "Lost" fans, especially that character, and that’s why they put a picture of him on the cover.

The album will soon become one that everyone will know, and will want to hear more of.

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