Roaches invade West Third apartments

On Sept. 7th, the tenants of 38 W. Third St., were ordered by the Administrative Services Committee of the Oswego Common Council to vacate the premises due to a cockroach infestation.

Neighbors had complained at the Sept. 7 Council meeting that the infestation was affecting their homes. Neal Smith, director of Oswego City Code Enforcement, said there are now 12 additional houses in the area that are affected by this infestation and was very sympathetic toward the neighbors of the rental. Smith believed that the spread has occurred because cockroaches become mobile and search for food once a current source runs low.

Katherine Farrell, who resides at W. Third St., said she worries constantly about the possibility that her house will be next.

"It’s definitely made us more cautious about how we leave things in the house," Farrell said.

The city had taken many steps in dealing with the issue. Smith said, that upon discovery of an infestation, owners are ordered to exterminate the insects.

What they had discovered upon inspection of the residence was that there was over four feet of garbage and debris in the apartment, with many visible roaches.

Smith felt that the lifestyles of the residents were partially responsible for the infestations, noting that the exterminator called in stated that it was "one of the worst outbreaks," that they had dealt with.

The issue has left students who rent and live in the town concerned. A large number of students live on the West side of Oswego and several live on W. Third St. itself.

The town hopes to eliminate the problem quickly in the future.

Smith and other officials will make sure the infested residence is vacated by Sept. 30 and that the infestation is properly treated.

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