‘Easy A’ gets an A

In "Easy A" Emma Stone gives a performance that puts her roles in "Superbad" and "The House Bunny" to shame. Her character, Olive Penderghast, is believable and personable in many ways. This modern interpretation of "The Scarlet Letter," by Nathaniel Hawthorne, brings the story of Hester Prynne to a remarkably relatable level.

Penn Badgley (TV’s "Gossip Girl"), also did a stellar job, playing in the role of Todd, Olive’s love interest. However, the character wasn’t anything original to Badgley. His role in this movie was similar to the personas of his previous roles. Badgley plays the good kid, the one that other characters can trust.

Stanley Tucci ("The Lovely Bones"), Amanda Bynes ("She’s the Man") and Lisa Kudrow ("Friends"), are welcomed contributors to the film, these three always induce a satisfactory amount of laughter no matter what roles they are playing.

Writer Bert V. Royal did a fantastic job of referencing "The Scarlet Letter" at all the appropriate moments—just before the audience might have lost the parallel direction of the stories. Olive sews an "A" onto her clothing, and the Christian group at the school feels violated by her very presence. The students, including her best friend, openly degrade her and all the high school boys she allegedly had sex with are praised for their conquest while Olive falls lower and lower on the totem pole.

The film suggests more healthy standards, perceptions and ideals for the American teenager concerning sex and related social drama: it’s nobody else’s business.

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