Student charged with felony for damage to police car

"Oswego State student Colby C. Nortz was arrested on the morning of Sept. 11 for damaging a police car while being arrested for knocking down barriers surrounding the construction project near Piez and Lee halls.

"Nortz, 21, was charged with a felony for criminal mischief in the third degree, a misdemeanor for resisting arrest and two counts of disorderly conduct for violent behavior and obscene language, said Julie Blissert, director of Public Affairs.

""After he had been arrested and placed in custody he damaged one of the patrol cars," Assistant University Police Chief John Rossi said.

"Nortz was observed knocking down construction barriers by U.P. Officer Mark Dermody, ho was on bike patrol at the time, according to Rossi. Nortz, who was intoxicated at the time, resisted arrest. It took three officers to restrain him.

"Three officers had to restrain Nortz, who had resisted arrest.

"University Police Chief Cynthia Adam said the "amount of physical damage" caused to the barricade constituted a felony charge.

"Adam said there have not been any similar incidents this semester, but there have been in the past.

""We just want everyone to know not to go into any of the fenced-off areas because it’s extremely dangerous," Rossi said.

"Patrol has been increased around construction sites to monitor the equipment and potential safety hazards in the area.

""We are patrolling these areas rigorously," Adam said. "We’re focusing enforcement and [being] cognitive of the barricades and fenced-in areas."

"Adam advised students to stay away from construction barricades because of the danger they present.

""It will be important for students as the math and sciences project is underway to be cognitive of the signage, the fencing and the barricades that will mark these areas and stay out of these areas for their own safety," Adam said.

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