S.A. funds student busfare for downtown

The Centro bus transportation fare is provided free this year for students at Oswego State, and will continue to be funded by Student Association in the future.

In the past, students purchased bus passes at the box office for $15 per semester or for $20 a year. This year, S.A. paid Centro directly for passes, which new students received on their ID cards. Returning students can request these passes at the box office.

Centro now provides free Oswego city service fare and service to Syracuse from Thursday to Sunday. The Syracuse rate from Monday to Wednesday, however, remains at $4.25, the same as it was last year.

The Centro service costs about $42,000 per year. This year, according to S.A. President Steven DiMarzo, S.A. is paying less. Approximately 7,000 bus passes were given out to new and returning students attending Oswego State.

The new Centro bus service has a one-year trial contract. Ultimately, the proceeding administration of S.A. will determine whether to maintain funding for the Centro bus service.

However, the S.A. budget allows for continued funding.

"It’s easier for future people to continue to do this," DiMarzo said.

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