Oswego expands Possibility Scholarship program

Oswego State announced in June an agreement to expand student oppurtunities to participate in a growing network of laboratories and research centers. Global Laboratory, a component of the Possibility Scholarship, gives students the advantage to pursue rigorous technology, science, engineering and various math fields.

The Possibility Scholarship is a program that, through generous donors, provides a college education to underrepresented groups and students with circumstances that would otherwise not allow them to have this education. The scholarship provides support for tuition, room and board, hands-on research and international service learning.

Dr. Laurie Clemo, deputy to President Stanley and her chief-of-staff, called this particular project "a true gem for our campus," because it gives "students the opportunity to study with various research universities."

Agreements were signed between Oswego State and the Federal Universities of Alagoas and Paraiba, which are both in Brazil. The agreements allow for the exchange and facilitation of research between the universities and Oswego State.

Clemo said students in Brazil will have the oppurtunity to study various subjects, including "the development of biofuels from the yuca plant."

Oswego State currently has laboratories on all seven continents and there are four students participating in the program. The university hopes to create more international partnerships in the future according to Clemo.

This semester there are four students participating in the program; the challenges ahead of them are complex and vast but, their significance and effects on our global community are tremendous. In Brazil, and in other global laboratory partnerships, students study climate change, ecosystems, solve problems to save aquatic life, work to preserve habitats, and are working to overcome diabetes and HIV/AIDS among other diseases that affect millions.

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