Laker Dining Dollars now used to order Webfood for local restaurants

Whether it is a lengthy study session or a long night of hanging out with friends, Laker Dining Dollars, formally known as Plus Plan, always seems to come in handy when it comes to curing late night munchies. Oswego State has implemented a new system of ordering with Laker Dining Dollars that both students and small businesses agree takes some getting used to.

The newest way to order involves visiting the Oswego Webfood website through Auxiliary Services.

"It eliminated complaints we were hearing from students that the phone lines to the businesses were busy,"Auxiliary Services Director Mike Flaherty said about why they switched to the Laker Dining Dollar system. Flaherty also said the new system solves problems that were occurring during the verification of balances and confirming deliveries to the correct students.

Small businesses, like Oswego Sub Shop, are having problems with the new system.

"People are calling and asking questions because of the website," delivery manager Vincent Lyons said. "We have to call a lot of people back because it’s not stable with the ordering track on the website. It’s also hard because older students including juniors and seniors have older magnets on their cards so they don’t read when we deliver and have to swipe the cards."

Jason Shi, the owner of Wonton House, is more positive about the new system.

"So far, so good. I like it myself and we don’t have to answer the phones," Shi said. "It works out good for us. We try to do a fast delivery so we don’t have to hire new people to answer the phones. But like everything else, it takes time."

Students find it frustrating when trying to order with the new system because of its unreliability.

"It’s a good idea in theory, but it’s really complicated. And it always seems to never work out properly, like it doesn’t come on time or the order is messed up," Student Elizabeth Curtin, said. "Ordering online leaves too much room for error because there’s no person to person contact. It’d be so much easier to just be able to call."

Titiauna Pittman, student, has been disappointed in her orders from Dominos because of the unreasonable time in which they deliver. The website promises one time but Dominos delivers at a different time.

"I think they should continue to use phone orders instead of the computer," Pittman said. "It’s new though. Hopefully it will get better."

While many agree that there are flaws to the new system that need to be ironed out, a quick late night bite is satisfying, regardless of the long wait.

"For all the things wrong with it, when you’re starving at 3 a.m. with nothing to eat; it’s better to just use the Plus Plan then go with out food," Curtin said.

All in all the new system is an adjustment for both students and small businesses. The new Laker Dining Dollar system is still in the initial stages and with time, perhaps the problems will be worked out.

"I want to emphasize I really like it," Shi said. "It saves time and I don’t have to hire new people. It just prints the order and we go. Another week or so we’ll have it perfect."

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