Two floors of Mackin converted to doubles to house transfer students

"The Mackin Complex, including Lonis and Moreland Halls, has been converted to doubles to house transfer students this year.

""There were a number of spaces in Mackin Hall that were vacant, we believe because of The Village," said Rick Kolenda, director of Residence Life and Housing.

"Many students who would normally live in the Mackin Complex chose instead to live in The Village, he said, leaving empty rooms which were then used for transfer students.

"Many rooms in the complex are singles, but Kolenda said about 50 rooms on the first two floors were doubled up to fit everyone.

""We try to give freshmen and transfers their rooms before orientation," Kolenda said. Transfers who applied after the end of July were denied housing because Res. Life was unsure of how much space would be left. After students had moved in, however, some rooms remained empty, and a few of the doubled rooms were split up.

"Normally, about 135 students live in the complex. This year, however, the buildings house close to 180 students, Kolenda said.

"The increased number of students has not caused any difficulties.

""We have had no problems," said Jacob Gardner, Hall Director of the Mackin Complex.

"Room sizes are equal to an average double room in other campus dorms, Gardner said, so having enough space to fit two students is not an issue.

""Some of them are actually bigger than the average double," he added.

"The only reason the number might climb this semester, Kolenda said, would be if off-campus students who are already registered in classes decide to move on campus.

""We might get a couple, only a handful at most," he said.

"Next semester, Kolenda expects to gain 175 new students, but says it will not cause a problem with housing because 350 to 400 students will graduate, transfer, or study abroad.

""We have vacancies all over campus," he added.

""We’re not at capacity," Gardner said. "I anticipate that we will have space."

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