Oswego among top public schools

"U.S. News and World Report ranked Oswego State among the top 50 public universities in the Northern region of the U.S.,tied for 18th place with SUNY College at Brockport and Millersville University in Pennsylvania. Oswego State was ranked after being compared to 1,471 other colleges and universities around the country.

""I think it deserves the recognition," freshman Marian Holmes said, referring to Oswego State. "It feels like a private school to me," Holmes said.

"Aspects of education, including undergraduate academic reputation, faculty resources and student selectivity are taken into high consideration while placing the schools in the appropriate order.

""It’s important to be recognized in these guides," Vice President of Admissions Joseph Grant said. "But rank isn’t what makes or breaks a college education. Once a person visits a college, he or she starts to hone in on whether this is the right place to go."

"However, luring possible students isn’t the only reason to seek recognition. "It’s good to see the fruit of our labor," Assistant Professor of Geology Diana Boyer said. "We really take a big interest in students. Undergraduate education comes first here, and at some universities it does not."


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