MTV gets more ‘real’

After its premiere on MTV a few years ago, "The Hills" quickly took the teenage world by storm. The show follows a group of party-going 20-somethings and the often senseless drama they endure. After this constant building of tension every season, the nationally-viewed phenomenon has finally reached its end. As most young audiences bid the "reality" show a sad farewell, many viewers bid good riddance.

Like the first five seasons of "The Hills" this season has loads of, you guessed it, drama. According to commercials replayed on MTV several times, rumors, including one of drug use, spread among the "friendly" crowd, and the woman with an astounding amount of silicone in her chest gets divorced. Forget whether these are true or not, viewers will only watch to see the many fallouts that are bound to happen on this cirque-de-obnoxiousness.

While "The Hills" enraptured reality fans nationwide, the show is anything but reality; in the middle of the series, rumors spread that the television-stars-turned-celebrities read from scripts and performed re-enactments while filming which turned out to be true. Yet young audiences may be attracted to something in the show besides the "drama."

"The Hills" takes place in California. The towns are flooded with clothing stores, expensive restaurants, and coffee houses. It never snows, and the temperatures are warm and mild. Snippets of sunsets and palm trees pervade the show and grab young viewers’ attention; the place is beautiful.

"The Hills" coming to an end may be a good thing, at least for MTV. With its equally popular reality series, "16 and Pregnant," and the new season of the documentary series, "True Life," it is clear that the program has taken a new approach to young audiences. Unlike "The Hills," these two shows follow real people in serious situations to which teens can relate. These people aren’t celebrities, and they are far from living the glamorous life depicted in "The Hills." Despite the end of "The Hills," another young generation will become attached to their MTV.

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