He Said – 4/30/10

Another semester is almost over and summer is just around the corner. Despite all the fun summer brings, there is a problem: you have a girlfriend back at school and opportunities for romance abound. Take a deep breath; it is going to be all right. Here are several ways to avoid those sudden temptations for romance.

The most extreme way involves barricading yourself in your room and allowing no one to enter. If this is not feasible, then try explaining to every member of the opposite sex that you have decided to change your sexual preference. If they catch you in a lie, another approach may be ignoring the females all together. This method can be very tricky. If you need help avoiding girls here are some helpful and effective tips. Stop going to the gym, start eating donuts all the time, wear the same clothes everyday, stop taking showers and finally, tell them you have a disease.

Of course, actions like those are far-fetched. Since you have a girlfriend back at school then surrounding yourself with little things that remind you of her is a simple yet effective way to remain loyal. If you know of a few girls who could pose a problem, try avoiding them at all costs or you might consider angering them by spreading nasty rumors about them.

You should prevent yourself from getting into situations which might get you in trouble, such as parties or bars. If you must go to parties and bars make sure you do not drink a lot because this might result in some poor decisions. If you do get approached, then simply tell the person you are in a relationship.

These are just a few yet effective tips to help you avoid the dreaded summer fling and get yourself back safely for the fall semester with your loving girlfriend.

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