Computer, electrical engineering program set to unveil in fall 2011

Oswego State is currently in the process of adding an undergraduate Electrical and Computer Engineering Program (ECE) to its curriculum.

According to Susan Coultrap-McQuin, Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Faculty Assembly has already approved the program; it is now waiting on President Stanley’s approval. It will then be submitted to the SUNY System Administration and finally to the State Education Department for approval before it can be offered to students on campus. If everything goes as planned, the program should be offered as early as fall 2011.

The new ECE Program will offer electives in the areas of Robotics, Embedded systems, Biomedical Instrumentation and Renewable Energy Systems. There are courses available now for students interested in engineering, but the undergraduate program cannot yet be offered. The ECE Program will allow students to pursue an education in engineering without the hassle of transferring to an engineering school.

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