Cars provide multitudes of opportunity

Oswego has many places for students to get away for a while. Like being in college, a sense of freedom comes with having wheels. However, this also comes with many responsibilities.

A good thing about having your own car is not having to take the bus. A walk to the parking lot and you’re free to go wherever, whenever. There also comes the opportunity to discover the best places to hang out; you’re not limited to activities within the bubble of the campus. Whether at a coffeehouse, bookstore or one of the many restaurants, winding down is only a short drive away.

However, there are disadvantages to owning a car in college. With gas prices soaring, a student must be wary of how often they drive. Those weekly mall trips do a number on the gas tank. Like many things in college, a student owning a vehicle must conserve the fuel their cars have and not waste it.

There are also parking regulations. It may be average for students owning vehicles to get at least one ticket from University Police. Students can appeal a ticket, but from what I’ve heard, it’s not easy to catch a break. If you can’t appeal the ticket, you must pay $20 in order to not be penalized. If your car gets towed, then it’s an additional $80 to get it back! As if one couldn’t spend any more money in college.

There’s no doubting that the Oswego weather also brings challenges. If you’re planning on bringing a car to school, stash a good snow shovel in the trunk. You may also want to bring defrosting spray in case your doors freeze.

Along with schoolwork and money, it takes responsibility to have a car on Oswego ground. Whether by bus or car, there are many chances for students to get to know the places of Oswego. Once we do, we can open a door of opportunities outside campus.

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