Are public bathrooms too public?

You are sitting around in your Oswego State dorm watching television. Suddenly, the urge to go to the bathroom hits you.

You proceed to get up off your bed and head, slowly, down the hall to the bathroom. You know what is coming, but continue onward anyway. You finally reach the door to the bathroom, twist the knob and enter. As you enter you make a left and stand in front of the stall door. You then push it open slamming it into the side of the stall. When you look down at the floor it looks wet. You think, "Is that water? No, it’s pee!" You quickly contemplate the other possibilities and decide that if you walk over to the other bathroom you might not make it. So, instead you stand around the puddle of pee and do what you have to.

After relieving yourself you head over to the sinks. The first sink has hair in it, the second one has someone’s left over takeout in it, and the third one is clean, this time. You then get the soap on your hands and start washing up. As you are washing your hands you notice that someone just walked out of the stalls and exited the bathroom without washing their hands. After you are done washing your hands you go to grab a towel; this way you do not have to share germs with the guy who didn’t wash his hands. There aren’t any. You just suck it up and walk out.

First of all, I would like to note that I do not know what would possess such a creature to act this way in a bathroom. Do they think it is funny to drown the floor in urine? Perhaps they could not make it. Do they think they are clever to throw food in the sink when, after all, there is a garbage can right there? Maybe they thought the sink had a garbage disposal. Do they think that it is sanitary to just walk out of the bathroom without washing their hands? Maybe they still believe that being blood brothers with someone is sanitary too. Even if one were to have an IQ below 25, I think that they would be able to conjure up the common courtesy to wash their hands, throw their food in the garbage, and not pee on the floor.

On another note, think of all the possible germs that college kids can acquire while being around this filth. I think that in order to deal with this, the schools should put into place a more strict code about bathroom cleanliness. For example the article "Fight Swine Flu with Good Hygiene" states, "In schools, disinfection is critically important for areas where students come in contact with contaminated surfaces [such as] bathrooms" (Fight Swine…). This means that if that guy that didn’t wash his hands on the way out had swine flu, and then you grabbed the door after him, you might get it too.

I think that the measures that should be taken to fix this are simple. First off people should try their best to be as neat as possible in the bathroom. Secondly, I would like the bathrooms to get paper towels or a blow dryer; anything is better than wiping your hands on your shirt and pants. If we can accomplish these simpler tasks then maybe we can also get a toilet seat that lowers by itself and soap dispensers that automatically dispense soap when you put your hands under them.

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