Letter to the Editor – Students appreciated for selfless efforts

In a period of our nation’s history when much of the news seems to be gloom and doom, it’s very positive to hear of people doing the right thing and thinking about others instead of themselves, so we thought we’d share this brief story with you from an event that occurred recently.

On Halloween evening, just after midnight, a water fountain on the ninth floor of Onondaga Hall was broken from the main connection inside the wall.

Torrents of water from the pipe began to flood the hallway and stairwells. Residence Life staff, University Police officers and Facilities, Maintenance and Operations staff were called to the scene to locate the shut off and clean up the water.

The following students below helped immensely by carrying large buckets back and forth from the source to sinks to keep the water from flooding resident’s suites. Many others helped by placing towels under doorways and making notifications to help safeguard students personal effects.

These students efforts largely mitigated the damage that likely would have occurred were it not for their greatly appreciated assistance. By working together as a team they prevented damage to personal effects and their hall, their home.

We, the undersigned, wanted to thank these students and acknowledge their great community and Laker spirit!

Thanks for helping:

Dan Neidorf
Robert Cirillo
Michael Ferreira
Alessandro Trimarchi
Ann Syso
Kristofer Brandow
Brian Roth
Corey Sutte
Jon Zella
Adrian Ramirez
Garrett Kassler
Timothy O’Halloran
David Humes
Sara Pfohl
Kerry McCabe
Julie Feheley
Sarah Goobic
Jordon Henry
Richard Belli
Stefany McBrady
Leah Weresebe
Andrea Orioli
John McCoy
Katherine Grzesik
Athena Hoffman
Clifford Ohrnberger
Stephanie Magin
Shannon Whinnery
John Lauro
David Buechel
Lacey Pittman
Liza Reyblat
Renee Landers
Marney Bus
Casey Weaver

A sincere thanks from:

Cynthia Adam
Chief of University Police

Mary DePentu
Director of Facilities,
Maintenance and Operations

John Moore
Director of Engineering and Sustainability

Rick Kolenda
Interim Director of Residence Life and Housing

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