She Said – 11/13/09

So, I’ve done a little research and have figured out what women most look for in a guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if the guys’ list was similar to the girls’ list. Here is what I came up with.

The first thing a woman looks for in a man is confidence. Just like a guy wants a girl to be confident, women are attracted to a guy who can hold his own; we want someone who is confident in himself because it allows us to feel confident in him as well. We also look for a good sense of humor in a guy. We want someone who is playful. That doesn’t mean that we want someone who is immature, just someone that can make us laugh and wrestle around with us. Men who are playful are very sexy.

Another thing that we look for in a guy is ambition. Many guys might mistake us looking for an ambitious guy as us really looking for a wealthy guy. Though this may be true for some women, many of us just want a guy who cares about his future, and maybe having us in it.

The next two things generally go hand-in-hand: loyalty and honesty. These are rare attributes in a person nowadays, guy or girl, so when you are lucky enough to find someone who is both, then you should hold on to them.

Spontaneity is always important in a guy! Guys, have you ever watched a chick flick with your girl? (Or by yourself?) Girls love guys who will drop things on a last minute’s notice and surprise them. I know that a lot of guys in college have a very tight budget, so don’t worry about fiscal responsibilities at this age. Spontaneity doesn’t always mean spending major bucks on a surprise vacation. Spontaneity can be as simple as running through the rain, or streaking.

So, those are the really important things that girls look for in a guy. Other things include smelling nice, nice hair and great shoes. Apparently, shoes are very important to a girl, more so than your outfit. I know it’s weird, but shoes are the first thing a girl looks at in a guy’s outfit. Anyway, I hope this helped you guys out and you can now land the girl of your dreams.

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