Passion quickens heart and eats at soul

There’s so much to discover when you suddenly find yourself to be an obsessive. Ultimately, you find that the feeling isn’t reciprocal, and it becomes all too easy to weed out those that are dispassionate, desultory, and increasingly unreceptive to your ardent love for whatever it may be that produces such unrequited feelings.

Equally as frustrating is when you can tell someone is trying to care, but clearly doesn’t. There’s something about the pupil of the eye; when the biochemical reaction of "I don’t give a crap" is triggered, that transforms into a vacuous abyss that makes one know that nothing but static is happening behind those eyes.

So your passion escalates, out of nothing but sheer spite for those you don’t share commonalities with. You eat, live, breath, sweat, ingest (and never vomit), digest (but never excrete), become, live for your raison d’être. Anyone else that happens to hove into your range of life becomes obtrusive; a mere obstacle in the way of pursuing your own brighter horizons, which gets increasingly radiant as you appear to get closer. Yet it seems you’re getting further away, as you try to run through the quicksand of mundane, perfunctory, everyday activities to get there. The more you struggle, the more you sink. And you realize your whole life has mirrored that of Sisyphus, and Hell has become less of a punishment that you’ll reach someday and more of an ineluctable form of life that you’ve found yourself choking in. Stifled, neutered, forgotten.

Does anyone know what an insatiable urge feels like anymore? To know, to enlighten, to feel that surge of vitality through your veins when you listen to an obscure musician that no one knows of, or have watched a film that was amply rewarding in its challenge to make it to the end? Is there anybody out there?

Are we all just running to stand still? Why do people have knee-jerk reactions to artistic contributions that affront them? How can we successfully galvanize a whole campus? One person must serve as the impetus; a vessel by which artistic contributions can disseminate to the public.

This is a plea: throw caution to the wind and broaden your horizons. What can it hurt? Let diversity in. Strive to be more inclusive and live your life to its fullest potentials. Don’t let predilections govern your life and your personal tastes. Reach out and grab that album, movie, or book that’s been eluding your grasp. Complacency is overrated, folks. Don’t become anesthetized by it.

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