American oil reserves can solve broken economy

Many of you claim to be smart, logical thinkers and yet you allow yourselves to be played. The problems with the economy and national security that we face can easily be solved. Think about it. We are sitting on a gold mine. Our country is loaded with natural resources just waiting to be tapped. If we were to drill for oil and natural gas, build oil refineries, mine for coal and erect nuclear power plants it would stimulate the economy more that any stimulus bill could ever do. Dependable jobs would open up, the price of goods and services would come down. Have you noticed they are on the rise again lately?

We could finally free ourselves from our dependency on foreign oil and make our country safer; something the progressives have been saying for years. All we have to do is mine right here in this country, but we can’t, because the same progressives have blocked all attempts. It’s funny that they call themselves progressive and yet they are taking us back to the dark ages.

It is the environmentalists and the left who have convinced a large population, which includes many young adults, that fossil fuel is the cause of global warming; that it is polluting our world and causing the extinction of many species of wildlife. They have managed to ban all offshore and continental drilling along with mining in our country, yet they seem to have no problem with third world countries drilling just off our coasts.

Are they smarter than we are? Do Venezuela and China have more advanced technology that allows them to drill safely without upsetting the environment? You would think that as a nation we would have developed safe and efficient ways to mine for these resources. We do and we could, but we won’t. We are being brainwashed into believing in "green."

This "green movement" is a scam. Biofuels such as Ethanol was going to lower gas prices, curb carbon dioxide emissions and protect the environment. Instead it costs more to make, creates higher carbon dioxide emissions, uses farmland and caused an increase in prices at the pumps. They claim wind and solar power is the answer; however, it is costly, less efficient and the environmentalists claim that it does more damage to the environment than fossil fuels. For every green job created, it has been said that anywhere from two to four jobs will be lost and never replaced.

The Obama administration is getting ready to pass the Crap and Tax bill, oops, I mean the Cap and Trade bill, that will essentially rob of us of our liberty and send us back to the pre-industrial revolutionary era. Don’t think for a moment that Obama and his minions will be sacrificing for the good of the earth.

As far as national security, by not tapping our natural resources, we are left dependent on the very nations who want to destroy us. The communist nations are building up their militaries, playing war games to test their weapons and strategically placing themselves around the globe. The nations that hold much of the wealth are buying resources and making deals with third world countries that have natural resources. While we continue to destroy our economy, we are becoming vulnerable. Do you really think that nations like China or Russia would think twice about taking our natural resources if they want them?

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