He Said – 12/4/09

When it comes to relationships, I believe that interracial relationships can be just as difficult as homosexual relationships in the United States. They often do not work out because of the pressure from family and friends.

People who you don’t even know may scold and ridicule you as well, adding to the mounting pressure of making the relationship successful. Others feel like keeping whatever boundary we have established so that the "races" remain separate.

In America today, there is a plethora of interracial relationships that are deemed unsuccesful. This is because of the pressure of being in a relationship when people around you do not like that you are dating someone outside of your own race. There are a lot of pressures that are associated with such a relationship.

If you do decide to date someone of another race, you also have to take into consideration that your family and friends may not approve. They could feel that your decision to date someone that is not of your race is wrong or immoral. This could be for multiple reasons. One is that they are concerned about your well being. Another is that they just have preconceived notions about the other race. This can cripple a relationship, making it impossible to sustain.

Your friends can influence you to break up with the person by saying things like: "what are your children going to be like?" or "what are you going to do about it when other people attack your relationship?" In the end though, if you want to be with someone and like their personality, then race shouldn’t matter, and neither should outsiders’ opinions.

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