She Said – 10/16/09

I think the idea of having a threesome becomes a lot more exciting while you’re in a relationship, but actually going through with one would probably be a bad idea for several reasons. Yes, in some cases, once you’re in a serious relationship the sex does begin to become less exciting and you might want to seek out someone else in a way that would not officially be seen as cheating, because after all, you most likely love the person that you’re with.

Threesomes might seem like the easy fix to that type of situation. It’s a way to explore other people while being able to stay faithful to your guy. However, it’s not always that simple. We have intimacy to think about as well. No matter how hard we try, especially for girls, there will probably be some sort of intimacy in any kind of sex that we have.

Even if you think you’re not cheating on your guy because it’s a threesome doesn’t mean that it won’t have the same repercussions as cheating would. In fact, it may have even worse consequences because if your partner does eventually think it was a form of cheating, he will have a mental image that’s even more clear than it would be if he wasn’t in the room.

Threesomes are more for those not in a relationship that do not have a serious emotional connection with those in the threesome, and it would probably be best to not pursue a relationship with those in the threesome because they might see you in a way that you wouldn’t want your boyfriend to. Just trust me, threesomes are a bad idea for a serious relationship.

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