He Said – 10/16/09

"Hey baby, we love each other and all that, so what would you think about bringing another girl into the bedroom?" Stop right there because you’re just looking to get slapped, kicked or any other type of physical pain. Even in a serious relationship, no one should ever be asking to bring another girl into the equation. It sounds good and all the media plays it up to be great, but it’s just a far-fetched dream for most guys.

All right, you’ve been dating this girl for a while and everything is going great she’s doing everything great. She seems like the coolest girl; she’s just about perfect. Then you take it upon yourself to ask, "Can we have a threesome?" Wrong move, because now your whole month is ruined. She’ll start by smacking you and screaming, "how could you ask something like that?"

Your next move is reconciliation. You’ll run over telling her you’re sorry, but of course that won’t do it at this point. The reason you shouldn’t have even asked that question is simple as this: it makes your girlfriend feel as if you’re not satisfied with her. Not to mention that at this point in your relationship, where she thinks you’re not attracted to other females anymore, is basically ruined when you ask that question and prove her wrong. This only translates to more couch time for you.

Although you shouldn’t even ask to have a threesome, if your brazen enough not to heed my warning and she says yes, your dream has just become a reality. Now your mind is running because you’re going to do what most guys dream about. But that’s exactly why it remains a dream. The majority of men would be self-conscious about pleasing two women at the same time. My take on it is that if you want two women at once, take one the first round and the other the second. Although there may be some that glow with the idea of the challenge, there are some that just rebel in the fantasy of it. Best of luck to you, my friends, best of luck.

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