She Said – 10/2/09

Eww… really guys? How optimistic are you? No, it is not OK to bring a condom on a first date! Bringing a condom shows the girl that you think she’s easy. And even if she is easy, she probably doesn’t think she is and she doesn’t want you sending her that message.

While I appreciate your effort to stay safe in the bedroom, I just think bringing a condom on the first date shows that you are only interested in getting in the girl’s pants. If things do get hot and heavy, just go to the store and buy a condom. Or, chances are, she has some in her secret drawer anyway. Most girls like sex just as much as guys.

Plus, girls aren’t the only ones that can be easy. If you’re bringing a condom on the first date, that’s sending a nasty message about yourself as well. Girls like the chase too! We don’t want some guy who wants to have sex with us before they even get to know us. That makes you look desperate. What happens if you guys do start to get intimate and you all of a sudden whip out this condom? She’s going to think you’re a total jackass, that’s what. It’s really a lose-lose situation for you guys. Sorry.

Having sex on the first date isn’t good for a relationship, in my opinion. Call me old-fashioned, but I think that too many people are randomly hooking up nowadays. So, if your friends tell you to bring a rubber, just listen to a girl (that’s me) and just don’t do it.

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