Projects to bring life back to hewitt Union

After three years of inactivity, the Hewitt Union is finally seeing an attempt at bringing back some of the bustle it experienced during the pre-Campus Center years.

The College Bookstore will be moving from its usual spot in the basement to the main floor of Hewitt, while the seldom-used upper floor will likely get use again as surge space for the upcoming Piez renovations.

For about the next five years, the Hewitt classrooms will be used to house a portion of the displaced science wing. It will serve as a relocation for several classes and offices while Piez, Park and Wilbur halls are renovated.

"It’ll put some life back in to it," Thomas Simmonds, Oswego State’s associate vice president for facilities said.

The College Bookstore will also be moving to the middle floor of the Union. When entering from the west entrance, to their left replacing the former formal lounge and box office, students will see textbooks to purchase. While on the right side, replacing the former Sweet Shoppe and Campus Life offices will have art, school, and computer supplies available.

The bookstore will also offer a small area where few items will be served, such as coffee and the cookies that were served years ago when the Sweet Shoppe in the Union was open.

Timepieces, which has now been emptied of all furniture, was recently used as production storage for Tyler Hall and will maintain its current primary use as a storage facility. The building’s other uses, such as Campus Catering, College Cuts (the campus hair salon) and the ballroom will remain intact.

Other notable spaces in the building, such as the food court, will all be renovated in order to create space for the renovations in all three academic building, which will all take place simultaneously.

Plans to "update facilities and perform critical maintenance" on the building in order to make it "much more efficient are also in order," Nicholas Lyons, vice president of administration, said.

As far as long-term goals go, the Campus Concept Committee is looking at ideas in which the area around the Union such as Lanigan Hall, Penfield Library and the quad can evolve. They are also looking into ways the facilities can help the Communication, Media and Arts Department.

"[The Bookstore] will hopefully be up in the spring semester [of 2010]" said Susan Raby, director of the college store. Construction on Piez, Wilbur and Park Halls is scheduled to begin the summer of 2010.

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