Let’s ‘Go’

The Playstation Portable Go (PSP Go) hit stores on Thursday. The model is a redesign that is 43 percent lighter in weight and 56 percent smaller in physical size.

The PSP Go resembles a T-Mobile Sidekick, with a screen that slides up in order to reveal the controls. The power/hold toggle is located on the lower left side, below the memory card slot. The volume button now resides between the L and R buttons on top of the system.

Sony ditched its Universal Media Disc (UMD) interface for multimedia use with the PSP Go, instead using a downloading engine that saves directly to the system’s flash storage, which has been boosted to 16 GB internally.

Games can be downloaded from the Playstation Store, which will be fully accessible to previous PSP models. The PSP Go added Bluetooth access; however, the system no longer includes an interchangeable battery.

The PSP Go is the seventh generation PSP model and costs $249.99.

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