He Said – 10/2/09

Should I? Maybe not. What is she going to think? If you’re going on a first date with anyone, yes, you should bring a condom! It doesn’t matter what number date it is, you should always bring protection.

If you’re on your first date with a girl and you’re both having a good time, you might want to take it further. You’re both in college and you know what you want to do. Why ruin the moment and not have a condom on hand? So there you are with a girl you want to have sex with, but oops, no condom. Silly you. On the bright side, be happy because she probably thinks you’re a gentleman for not thinking you might get some on the first date.

Are you also hesitant to bring a condom because you’re afraid of offending the young lady? Yes, she might think you were only in it for sex, but that’s a risk you have to take. Instead, try to push the message that you simply believe in safety. Ladies, if a man brings a condom on a date, it means nothing more than him letting you know he’s not good friends with STDs.

I’m not saying come to the date and slam the condom on the table, but take precautions. You never know what can happen. We’re in college now and considered adults. You need to be prepared for everything. Just bring a condom with you. Maybe your night can have an extended happy ending.

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