Cut the B.S. – 10/2/09

I’m one of the unfortunates who got locked into a triple this year. At first it wasn’t so bad because my two roommates and I got along pretty well. But it turns out that these guys are slobs. Their crap is everywhere! I don’t want to make it tense in there, but I can’t deal with this mess, it’s disgusting. Cramped rooms can’t be messy or they just seem smaller. What do I say?

Well first of all, keep in mind that its your room too. There is nothing worse than not being able to enjoy your own room. It should be a sanctuary. Try talking to your roommates about it first. I know its a bit odd, but it has to be done. Let them know that it isn’t fair to you to be trapped within the mess. Come to an agreement that, at the least, they have to make sure they don’t leave clothes or shoes in the middle of the floor. If that doesn’t work then here’s a simple trick. If one day you see that either roommate left shoes or clothes on the floor, then put the item into an empty (and clean) garbage bin in the room. It may make them upset, but it’s the only way to get through to them. I’ve experimented with this method; it definitely works. If all else fails, just keep complaining daily until one of them listens to you.

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