Newest Batman game is no Joke-r

"Batman: Arkham Asylum," developed by Rocksteady Studios, is the latest game in the Batman universe available on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

The story is excellent; Batman has captured the Joker and sent him to Arkham Asylum, home to the most evil individuals that Gotham has to offer. Shortly after arriving, the Joker frees himself and Batman is forced to track him down while dealing with criminals housed in Arkham Asylum. The game features some great boss battles with inmates such as the Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, and Killer Kroc. The graphics and sound are top-notch, from the small amount of detail spread throughout Arkham Asylum to the fantastic job Mark Hamill does as the voice of the Joker.

The game’s real highlight is the gameplay itself. Rocksteady did a commendable job blending several different types of gameplay into one unique experience. The game features an experience building system which can be used to upgrade attacks, health, and batarang powers. The game also does a great job in featuring a diverse selection of gadgets for Batman to use.

The game should take an average player eight to ten hours to complete. But Rocksteady’s addition of different "unlockables" provides players with real incentive to replay the game.

The only flaw, and it’s a small one, is the combat system. It is simple, fun, and works for Batman but it easily becomes monotonous. Constantly mashing one button to take down enemies is great at first, but it becomes tiring after a dozen or so repetitions. "Batman: Arkham Asylum" finally delivers a definitive Batman game that will definitely entertain any Batman or video game fan.

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