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How can I change the fact that my roommate and I do not talk at all no matter how long we stay in our room? -Rejected Roommate

Dear Rejected Roommate,

I can totally understand how you feel coming from a year living with people you were so close with and expected to room with for another year and moving in with someone you do not know who seems so distant. Last year, I roomed with my best friend and then she decided she wasn’t coming back. So, I received a new roommate. It was weird at first, but then we found that we had a lot in common.

It will take some time adjusting to your new living arrangements, but don’t give up just yet. Some people just take a little longer to open up than others. The roommate agreement is a great place to start in getting to know a new roommate. Find out their likes and dislikes and from there the conversation can branch off to your favorite shows, sports, actors, movies, etc. If that doesn’t work, try inviting them to dinner with you and your friends; make it like a big party to break the ice! The two of you might not end up being the best of friends, but I’m sure the two of you will at least end up on friendly terms. It’s still early, give it a few weeks and then let me know how things are going.
Don’t give up!

Responses contributed by Shannon Melero and Britni Lindsay

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