Freshmen: let your inner child out

When I was five years old, I would stumble down the sidewalk in my cherry Converse sneakers, holding my mommy’s hand with one hand and my beloved blankie with the other. As we walked together, I would analyze the world, one inverse at a time, trying to make sense of those traffic signs or that person with the spiked hair. Everything was so new and attention-grabbing back in those days that it was a near impossibility not to stare. The bright lights, the colors, the smells, the sounds–nothing was short of wondrous and awesome.

I clearly recall the first day I was introduced to the fortress of learning. The smell of old books and paste lingered in the air, while Smelly-Evan sat in the corner picking his nose. My eyes were wide that day, taking in all the possibilities, imagining with a childish innocence the great things I could achieve. They told me I could be an astronaut, a doctor, the president of the United States! My tiny little brain couldn’t even compute the endless amount of possibilities. Kindergarten was what set the game in motion, and from then on, my life was in my hands. As a child of five, I couldn’t grasp the impact of that thought.

Flash-forward 13 years and here I am again, a mere child of five, eyes frozen wide in awe and excitement. Entering this new chapter in my life, I somehow wish that I could capture the fearlessness of my childhood. The start of college has been the moment I have dreamed of my entire life, and now, no one can hold me back. Everything here is so different, so shiny, so new and different.

One of the most fundamental rules of the universe that seems to be written in the stars is that nothing is constant. Change is a part of life, and each of us has to face it.

College is an exciting time in life, but as with most freshmen, it is also the scariest. Change divides life into "before" and "after," and many of us so often get caught up on the "before" that we get stuck between the two, afraid to embrace the "after." Who truly knows what the future holds in store for each of us at this moment in our lives? With a little hard work, we could be astronauts, doctors, or even presidents! It’s just like they told us back in kindergarten, the world is in our hands! But none of this can happen if we are afraid to let go of yesterday. So, for once, don’t be afraid to let go. Letting go doesn’t mean leaving behind tomorrow forever, it just means you’re strong enough to see what tomorrow brings. So, what is my advice to you? Go ahead and capture the fearlessness of your childhood. Anything’s possible.

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