This Week’s Horoscopes

Horoscopes: Week of 2/8/15



A distinct split during the day may show mixed messages, but the morning should bring a brief level of insight, along with information which may well be useful later in the day. Do stick to faithful targets though, and try to stay on the simple, yet practical front.


Stresses may be a little misleading, especially when it comes to matters that require teamwork or collaboration. You’ll have a sure sense of right and wrong; but others may not. What you accept to be the perfect circumstance for initiating change may actually be quite undependable.

It’s going to be a modest day, a couple of tough aspects may well throw some difficulties before the day is over with. That said, you will have the right vibe, which should help you to deal with any unexpected circumstances that come your way.

Career and work related matters along with relationships may seem just a little demanding lately. But, worries aside there’s plenty of positive vibes around you helping to turn things around. Possible temporary hiccups might happen, so don’t overreact, there’s under points hidden within.

The “Monday-morning feeling” may be noticeably present today. It’s feeling like you can’t quite get past one particular roadblock. That said, it may be best to focus very precisely on people’s good intentions and not on the everyday limits that hamper their intentions.

It might appear that you are likely to be overly sensitive and inclined to overreact to the slightest thing this week. Numerous misunderstandings are also likely to pop up out throughout the day. A choice you made could actually be the real offender for a possible feeling of displeasure.

A slight level of confusion may develop in romances, thanks to a rather unreliable vibe. It may be that an unexpected meeting is quite stimulating, but lacks any lucidity. It may take some time to further shed any light onto where this relationship might go so be patient Libra.

It’s not a day for direct actions per say; it’s more a day to stand back and perceive. It’s possible that something is about to be improved, given the time. This doesn’t require you to do very much, except let others have a little space to do the talking and act on their words.

Support is the best it is likely that you’ll acquire a new source of sustenance that you desperately have been seeking. Older guidance will certainly seem to feature good help. Wise words and incoming advice, may not be exactly be what you want to hear.

There’s a great deal of potential in the air. That being said, you may need to make a quick decision or two, thanks to a minor shift in conditions in a specific area. As long as you can keep up with last-minute or unexpected changes to the day’s plans you’ll stay ahead of the curve.

It’s possible that you’ll feel as though you can’t quite get to the bottom of something, but  intuition suggests that deep down you already have a good idea of what might be going on. Be elusive, trust your instinct, but try not to overreact when you figure it out.

Home is where you’ll want to be, to relax and spread out. If you find you’re feeling active and ready to make some changes, go for it, since this motivation is likely to last for a little while. There are calming influences lurking around you and that in itself will boost confidence.