Creative Writing: Ode to Mama


(Mauro Cateb | The Oswegonian)
(Mauro Cateb | The Oswegonian)

“Bright, oh bright!” cradle mama’s neck at night

You are strung together and pieced into one

lining the cries, and latching the trust

Beaming by rise, and falling by dusk

Barred by the world, hidden in socks

Mama wears you out, when she’s jiving with Pops

You make Mama smile, with every curve

You heal her heart, when Pops gets on her nerves

From matrimony, to unwinding sorrow

Mama clutches you, when Pops works past tomorrow

I know you waited with mama while she sat home alone

Held in her anger when Pops tried to come back home

You were patient, pacing the floors for hours on end

Knowing Pops was not home cause he was trying to make ends

I know you wanted to walk out, when Mama’s slaving over          the stove

Cooking collard greens and chitlins for a man that’s never home

You hollered at her once, while rolling through a misty blues

You knelt with her, as she prayed for her husband to choose

Clasping her pearls… you fought back because you’re better than that

Made of mussels, and sea

You were more her man than Pops ever could be

“Mama, beautiful beautiful” no eyes of mist

You are Mama, and with her always

A gem of you, will be a gem of me

I’ll miss you once mama sees heaven

Wrinkles cover more than crow’s feet


At least her neck will always be beautiful

Though Pops didn’t say it too often

Thanks for loving her… for that’s why I love you