Grieco’s Grades: No. 4/4 Men’s hockey vs. No. 7/7 SUNY Geneseo


The Oswego State Lakers’ offense was effective in the first period and in the last minute, but during the second and third periods, the offensive production died down. The Lakers were able to get three goals past Devin McDonald in the first period. However, with a mere seven shots in the last 40 minutes, McDonald did not have much to deflect away from his goal. The Lakers did have chances though, especially from Cameron Berry and Jody Sullivan, who both had great opportunities but could not convert. Mitch Herlihey shone for the offense, scoring two goals in the contest, one of which was an empty netter with 18.4 seconds left in the contest. The empty netter was also the 100th point of his career at Oswego State. Passing was decent for the Lakers, especially in the first period, acting as if they were on a power play when they were actually playing even strength. The passing of Mitch Emerson and Michael Gillespie was bright with two assists in the game each.



Like the offense, Oswego State’s defense was strong in the first period, but fell apart in the last 40 minutes of the game. Despite strong efforts from a team that allowed only four shots to hit David Richer in the first period, during the second and the third periods, Richer had to bail them out one too many times. The defense had its moments during the latter parts of the game, especially when Josh Zizek stopped a breakaway opportunity (eventually resulting in a penalty shot) that kept the game at 3-0. But the team allowed two goals in the last period to bring concern to the Lakers’ bench and coaching staff. Other than those key moments, the Lakers need improvement to finish out the regular season on defense in order to keep high-scoring teams out of contention.



The special teams units did alright tonight, considering the circumstances. The power play came out strong, scoring 40 seconds into their first opportunity in the first period to give the Lakers a 3-0 lead, at the time. Cameron Berry had the goal at 15:46 with assists from Emerson and Chris MacMillan. Overall, while on the man-advantage, Oswego State went 1-3 and did not convert on the opportunities given in the second and third periods. On the defensive side of things, despite some unnecessary penalties, the Lakers went 5-5 on the penalty kill. Emerson was a key player during the kill by blocking shots, and clearing the puck often. Richer was also strong during the last couple of kills that could have brought the game into overtime. The penalty kill was a big reason for success against the Ice Knights.



David Richer, who had a 1.49 goals against average coming into the game against SUNY Geneseo, made some excellent saves throughout the game. Despite having a slow first period, saving his first shot at with 13:35 remaining in the first period, he excelled during the second and third periods, even after allowing the two goals from the Knights. Richer’s blocking was strong during the penalty kill, but struggled every once and awhile on the rebounds – one of which was where a SUNY Geneseo goal came from. Richer made 21 saves in the game, stopping 12 of 14 shots in the third. While he did get beat on the penalty shot from Conlan Keenan, which hit the right post and bounced back to center ice, Richer did not let the two goals get to him, succeeding in the last period.

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