The First Step

On a bone-chilling February 1st, I looked at the calendar. It spit at me. It was just that time of year, and that day would soon be approaching.It wasn’t just that I had no relationship prospects, as had been the case my whole life. My problems ran much deeper than that, but that was the day that was a bitter reminder of all that I lacked in life.

To put it simply, I had trouble making friends, and the friends I did have would eventually drift apart, and since I feared badgering them, I didn’t keep in touch. To make matters worse, I had recently transferred to a new college, so I really was in a sea of unfamiliarity. Then I started to reminisce about a (slightly) happier time. An old teen center from back home had helped me get through my teenage years. Many of the people there felt like outcasts at their schools, and in some cases, their own homes. But there they had something.

There, they meant something. That gave me an idea. Why not have a get together for all the people who have nowhere else to go on Valentine’s Day? Think about it, getting all those single people together might be good for not only me, but for many others as well. And in theory the pressure wouldn’t be as high since most people who will be there are in a similar situation as well.

In truth, it is a benefit to the whole campus. There was much planning that needed to be done, and to be honest, it’s a wonder it was even completed in time. When the day finally arrived, I felt good, knowing I had not only taken an active role in dealing with my own loneliness, but also the positive impact it could have on others.

As I entered the event’s room, I felt as if I had entered a new chapter of my life, and it seemed like it could be a good one.


Rachel Futterrman | The Oswegonian  

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