Food for Fines

Penfield Library opened its annual “Food for Fines” drive for most of the month of November.

From Nov. 1 to Nov. 22, students can trade in non-perishable goods to the Penfield Check-out and Reserves Desk, and have $1 per item donated taken off of their outstanding library fines.

Library fines can be accrued by students for returning loaned items, like books or technology, beyond their due date and time. Any students with more than $10 of fines on their accounts will not be permitted to register for next semester’s classes and will also be unable to loan any books, electronics, or chargers out of the library.

To donate items, students may turn them in to the clerks at the Penfield Check-out and Reserves Desk, and give their ID number. The items will be counted and the proper amount will be deducted from the students’ fines.

Items to be donated must be non-perishable, in unopened containers, and undamaged.

Items in glass containers, or that have been damaged or have already expired, will not be donated and will not be counted when reducing fees for accrued fines.

Students are welcome to donate items even if they do not have outstanding library fines.

Items donated will go to the Human Concerns Food Pantry, at 85 E. Fourth St. in the city of Oswego.

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