Campus Recreation: Flag football leagues wrap up, crowning new champions

After weeks of fierce competition, we have reached the end of the flag football season, and the soccer leagues are inching their way closer to their final playoff games to see who will be crowned champion. But, when one season ends, another begins with competition in the broomball, basketball and floor hockey leagues.

In one of the most exciting games that we have seen this semester in the men’s competitive 7v7 League, Tittsburgh Feelers battled JustgiveustheSHIRT all the way into the final moments of action. The game seemed to be over at the half when JustgiveustheSHIRT led Tittsburgh Feelers 26-0, but even that deficit would not stop Tittsburgh from coming back. Despite being down by 26, Tittsburgh Feelers brought the game back only trailing 23-26 and creating a nail biter coming into the last two minutes of play. On the final drive of the game, Tittsburgh Feelers scored taking the lead and capping off an epic comeback, scoring 29 unanswered points, winning 29-26 and advancing to the championship game.

Off of a very exciting semifinal performance, Tittsburgh Feelers found themselves in the championship game pitted against the No. 2 seeded Team Pheonix, in yet another game for the ages. Tittsburgh Feelers started off the game hot, going up 12-0 after the first quarter of play, but would quickly find themselves in a tie game at 12-12 right before the end of the first half. After a hard fought second half, Team Pheonix showed up Tittsburgh Feelers and came out on top, with a score of 21-12, to take home the title as men’s competitive flag football champions.

Heading into soccer playoffs for the co-rec competitive league, four teams competed in two play-in games to be in the playoffs. The first game of the week was between the Padremaniacs and NARP Life in a dead-even game of two very talented teams. Throughout the duration of the game, both teams came in ready to play, going goal-for-goal the entire length of the game. Eventually, one team did have to come out on top and that team was NARP Life, who capped the game off with five goals, winning 5-4 and advancing into the playoffs. The second game of the week matched up Off Sliders and The Holy Toledo’s in yet another intense game.    Both teams each notched a goal in the first half of play and fought hard into the final minutes of the second half. In the end, Off Sliders scored two late goals to win 3-1 and advance into the playoffs.

With the conclusion of flag football, campus recreation welcomed the broomball, basketball and floor hockey leagues this past week. All leagues started off without a hitch and all teams were very excited to start competition.


Photo provided by Mic-Anthony Hay

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