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Beginning a college search is exciting, yet stressful. It is the start of a new chapter, but it can be overwhelming and tedious work.

Recommendations come from family and friends, or perhaps from a teacher, a college fair, a childhood dream, the list could go on. While all of these are good ways to start looking into potential schools, finding a valid source that can tell students the unbiased facts and value of the college is crucial.

While there are a vast amount of sources available, the Princeton Review is among the leading and trustworthy. It ranks the best colleges based on real student opinions. Once again, Oswego State has been ranked as one of the top northeastern schools to attend.

Incoming students should pay attention, because although there is a wide variety of places to choose from, not all of them will meet everyone’s specific qualifications. The Princeton Review declares that Oswego State is a “personal and comfortable learning environment,” and “Oswego professors are knowledgeable about their subject and excited to be in Oswego.”

Being placed in the top 229 colleges is no surprise for our school, as it has been ranked among the “Best Northeastern Colleges” since The Princeton Review started the regional distinctions in 2003. First-year students at Oswego State will have limited experience, and although it only takes a couple days of class to get adjusted, passionate and approachable professors can make this process easier.

Students do not feel awkward or moronic for raising their hand to ask a question, and they know the resources here are boundless. Though there are always new things to learn about the campus every day, as of now, I can confidently say that I concur with The Princeton Review.

Oswego State is more than its accomplished academics; the school has more clubs than the human mind can fathom. During my first week, I attended the student involvement fair. It was here that I was introduced to The Oswegonian, as well as the American Sign Language Club.

Though these were the only clubs I decided to officially join, I received information on TaekwonDo Chung Do Kwan Club, the women’s rugby team, Psychology Club and many others. Oswego State has more than 250 clubs and organizations that students can join, and if there is not a club that suits one’s interests, it is simple to create a new one.

The excuse of being bored is not one commonly used here, and though the winters are particularly brutal, they have their perks. Cited below the “Campus Life” section on The Princeton Review webpage there are multiple rave reviews about things students can participate in when it starts getting snowy, “One of everyone’s favorite things is going to the home hockey games” and “Oswego offers some awesome winter activities due to the amount of snow we get.”

So, if you are used to complaining about a lack of activities, forget it. Oswego State has done nothing but continually earn its spot on The Princeton Review’s “Best Northeastern Colleges” and I have no doubt next year, our school’s name will be on the list once again.

Photo: Nathanmac87 via flickr

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