Campus Recreation Report:

Campus Recreation is rounding out the intramural sports season with leagues and tournaments.  The women’s dodgeball league crowned its champions this past week. Three teams dip, dodged and ducked their way to the championship. Voll is Life came out on top with a shutout then winning three games to one against Ball Is Life to take home the crown.  

In men’s recreational dodgeball, Clap Bombs got off to a good start on the night with a win against Fer Sure Dad. Alex Kemper was able to swing a come from behind victory after being alone in a one on three battle. Clap Bombs also got a win against Is That A Wrench? which went down to the wire, involving a one on one standoff in the final game between Kemper and Peter Mancarella. Kemper and the Clap Bombs would come out victorious. Fer Sure Dad ended the night with one win against Is That A Wrench? United Nations went undefeated, 3-0. Robert Sgroi and William Nunez defended their team and had a pair of catches each, while Quentin Lamb and Nicolas Van Kempen were both throwing hard.

Several teams played back to back nights, and Is That A Wrench? swept Clap Bombs 3-0 in the rematch. Josh Beniamino and Matthew Poteralski had cannons for arms as they thinned the herd. Mancarella and Kemper had yet another one-on-one showdown, this time Mancarella  came out victorious. No L’s was able to take two games from Clap Bombs, winning a game with a four-on-one man advantage. Clap Bombs showed up in the last series of the night as they beat Joe Buck Yourself. Mike Rifkin sealed the deal with a game winning catch.

In CoRec recreational league, Brian’s A WHORSE beat Watch Your Balls as Peter Mancarella teamed up with Alex Kemper, Kimberly LaGatta and James Dillon who all played well. Oz Army also took their series against Watch Your Balls, as they ducked, dipped, dived and dodged to a 3-1 win. Ruggers was able to take a 2-1 win against Duck. Ervin Bautista and Kailey McFarland dodged their way around hard throws from Nic Epping Madison Bush and Spenser Iodice. Riggs Piggs broke even with a 2-2 record on the night.

Don’t Stop Ballieving was swept by Roller Lakers, as Chris Fries and Ryan Holmes eliminated players in all three games to kick off the week of the men’s competitive league. Off Multiple Times improved their overall record to 7-4 on the season with a win against Sizey Balls and blanking Moke Gang. Poughkeepsie St. Flying Cougars was undefeated making their record 9-3.

In the men’s softball tournament The Squidwards took down Size Don’t Matta by a 15-9 score. The Lumps beat Hit It And Quit It 6-4, thanks to a few runs early in the game.

In the CoRec league, Cleats and Cleavage took a close game that went to the last innings 12-11 against Mythologically Speaking. Baha Women lost a close one to BrokeBat Mountain. The tournament continues with the finals ending next week.

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