Look at Oz: Panic Film Festival returns

The Panic Film Festival returned for its seventh year and viewers saw a marathon of student films.

For Panic Film Festival, students had to create a movie within the span of 48 hours. The given time is nothing compared to September’s Fresh Fest Film Festival, which was 36 hours. The formatting of the teams for Fresh Fest Film Festival was diverse accoring to class year.

Panic Film Festival worried less people because participants were able to choose anyone as teammates and were given more hours to produce their films.

Like Fresh Fest Film Festival, Panic Film Festival took place in Park Hall 315 where the films would be screened. Nearly filled to capacity, students, faculty and random attendees enjoyed films and their own work.

All of the films had a primary genre of horror but the majority of the films aimed for comedy such as “Stuffed” and “No Place Like Hell” while others like “The Shape” and “Midnight Girl” had a serious theme.

The event began with a showing of last year’s grand jury prize winner, “The Kegsorcist,” made by Max Hlat, Jesse Malone, Michael Calobrisi, Nick Loper and Danielle Gillet. Eventually Calobrisi would win best picture for a the second year in a row by the end of the night.

The films were all shown one after another.

“Dead Inside, but Alive and Kicking” was a perfect example of what was expected for the evening: comedy and horror.

Following was “11.04.16.,” a found-footage film similar to “The Blair Witch Project” starting slow until a weird creature made an appearance at the end.

Next was “Exposure,” the night’s biggest winner, taking home awards for best editing, cinematography, performance and grand jury prize. It was beautiful in all aspects. It had excellent cinematography and a beautiful story. Not only did Calobrisi produce and direct it, he also starred in it. It was his best work to date. All films screened after “Exposure” had trouble topping it.

“iKiller” was creative and hilarious with its premise of a man’s former iPhone seeking revenge after being replaced.

‘Til Death Do We Start’ was the most different film of the night. It was a musical and romance about a ghost who falls in love with a girl.

“No Place Like Hell,” the festival’s third place winner for best picture, was the only film to utilize flashback scenes to tell the story of two college students moving into a haunted apartment. It featured spot-on acting by Alex Simone as a hippy and Noah Pierce as a possessed college student.

“Severed Revenge,” like “11.04.16.,” also had a slow start but finished on a good note. The film balanced the comedy and horror and it was best recognized for its gore and sexual jokes.

“Dad?” was not on par with the other films. The producers tried too hard on the jokes and the story did not make sense.

Despite the lack of development, “The Shape” was a good horror film that stayed away from the comedy trend. It told the story of a girl being stalked by a Michael Myers-like killer despite having already killed him.

The second place best picture winner “Midnight Girl” was a brilliant piece of art that was filmed in one take in a first-person point of view. Filmed in black-and-white, the movie was the most horrific of all, showing the terrifying events that transpire after three Satanists botch a sacrifice. With good acting, “Midnight Girl” rightfully deserved its second place best picture win as it competed well with “Exposure.”

Sophomore Frank Heagle, director of “Stuffed Up,” a movie about killer stuffed animals, was surprised to win audience choice.

“I couldn’t believe it. I thought ‘Exposure’ or ‘Midnight Girl’ would win the award,” Heagle said. “I’m happy for my team and for winning audience choice.”

The quality of the films was better in Panic Film Festival than Fresh Fest Film Festival. All movies were a joy to watch and students presented their potential on the              big screen.

The awards of the night as it follows:

BEST EDITING: Michael Calobrisi for “Exposure”

BEST SCRIPT: Victoria de la Concha for “No Place Like Hell”

BEST PERFORMANCE: Michael Calobrisi in “Exposure”

BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS & MAKEUP: Brandon Potter for “Severed Revenge”

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Benjamin Nemec   for “Exposure”

AUDIENCE CHOICE: Frank Heagle, Karly Wright, Allison Feely, DeAnna Newman and Caleb Smith for “Stuffed Up.”

THIRD PLACE FOR BEST PICTURE: Issack Cintron, Victoria de la Concha, Emmanuel Rodriguez, Hunter Pettingill and Natalie Trainor for “No Place Like Hell”

SECOND PLACE FOR BEST PICTURE: Victoria Jayne, Brandon Potter, Nicholas Cocks, David Fuenzalida and Erin Geraghty for “Midnight Girl”

GRAND JURY PRIZE FOR BEST PICTURE: Michael Calobrisi, Benjamin Nemec, Peri Saat and Joey Kraus for “Exposure”

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