Trump’s presidential election leaves America’s future unclear

“The fault, Dear America, is not in our stars, but in ourselves; that we are uninformed. Today, America voted for a wall. People of goodwill must work to rebuild a bridge instead,” said Liam Kirst of Syracuse said on Twitter.

This is one of the many social media posts that have glared across people’s screens this week. There are sure to be many more in the next four years.

On Tuesday, the 45th President of the United States was elected. In what was expected to be a win by Hillary Clinton turned drastically red and fast. Donald Trump took the seat with 279 electoral votes compared to Clinton’s 218, even though Clinton won the popular vote.

The New York Daily news covered the historical event in one cover: “House of Horrors.” The cover photo, the White House in the background and the flag hanging upside down, is resonating with people across the world. This is a stark foreshadowing of what could be coming.

This election, in the eyes of many was nothing more than choosing the lesser of two evils. According to the electoral votes the answer was Trump. However, for millennials the map looked almost entirely

blue with an expectation of Clinton winning. In the end, the rest of America fell short with the same idea.

The election started to look like the group assignment a student had to do for class. The student does their part, but then the rest of the group fell apart and the ending product definitely did not turn out the way the student expected it to be.

Now America is left wondering where to go. Protests have started. Backlash has erupted and questions about the future re- main unanswered. This election is being deemed one of the worst in American his- tory and now Americans must deal with the decisions made.

People always say “God bless America” but the people of America lost God the day this election started.

The next four years are unknown. Many laws protecting things like gay rights, abortion rights and freedom of speech could be put to the test. For some, faith in the good shining through may not be enough at this point.

Trump’s speech spoke of uniting this country, but how can that be done when the country cannot unite over the presidency of one man?

In four years the question will arise in whether we made the right decision, but by then it will be impossible to take back the past.

One thought on “Trump’s presidential election leaves America’s future unclear

  1. It is very clear where America is going. The people said no to obamacare, no to giving iran nuclear weapons, no to open borders, no to nafta, no to higher taxes. Yes to returning America to the middle. Not extreme left, Not extreme right. Making America great again.

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