‘Supergirl’: More romance, less action

Look, up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s the new CBS program “Supergirl.”

Although the pilot leaked online a few months ago, the show premiered on CBS on Tuesday. Although the show’s cast and crew have fought for it, claiming it to be a show to display the power of women, the first episode has the feel of a typical romantic comedy.

“Supergirl” is about Kara Zor-El, the cousin of Superman who was also sent to Earth during her planet’s destruction. Believing she wanted a normal life, she hid her powers for years. However, after she saves a crashing plane, she decides to don the cape to try to help the people of her city.

The city does do a lot for women. Melissa Benoist (“The Longest Ride”) plays a strong character that stands for what she believes in when others try to take her down. She is powerful against adversity and fights for people and for the view of women.

The only kyrptonite with her performance is the men in the show. Mehcad Brooks (“Necessary Roughness”) plays the character of James “Jimmy” Olsen, a classic staple of the Superman franchise who moves to National City and begins working at the same media outlet as Kara. From the moment that the two share the screen we get the typical “boy wants girl” vibe. Kara begins to make a fool out of herself as she struggles to hold an initial conversation, then the audiences watches as James has to swoop in and save Kara when her boss threatens to terminate her.

Another scene with Jeremy Jordan (“The Last Five Years”) shows the two having other typical moments of a rom com. A unrequited love interest and a makeover are shown in the episode as the two build upon their relationship and Kara becomes more of the hero her cousin is. The two have a small argument over capes, because that’s what fans want to see.

Romance aside, the action scenes are well done for a television show. Fans of superhero shows are typically resorting to the CW’s programs. As good as the programs may be, they still fall flat when it comes to some of the special effects that they employ. “Supergirl” does not fall into this same rut. Her flight, strength and x-ray vision are all more visually pleasing the some of the stunts other programs have tried to pull.

Another powerful piece of the pilot is the ensemble. The characters do a great job playing off one another as the story develops. In addition, strong relationships are built early on and can hopefully lead the show in a less romantic to a more hero-esque direction.

If you have not taken the time to check out the pilot, be sure to go out and watch it. Great things can come from the show.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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