Traveling preacher sparks student debate in Quad

A group of students gathered around a lone, traveling preacher to discuss his faith views on Monday afternoon on the campus of Oswego State.

The man, Jim Deferio, lives in Syracuse, N.Y. and has traveled to what he said to be 60 campuses across the country, both on the east and west coast, to preach his interpretations of the Bible.

Deferio claimed today’s society as his purpose for his travels and speeches.

“The problem today is that truth is hate to those who hate the truth,” Defario said. “Love warns people. This society is very depraved and I place much blame on the epidemic of divorce in this nation and all of the dysfunctional families on pastors who compromise the Bible and refuse to preach the truth.”

Deferio attended Oregon State University and the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, where he majored in biology and the science aspect of forestry.

University Police Chief John Rossi said Deferio was initially asked to leave after a disturbance call due to improper paperwork. Deferio then went to Campus Life where he followed the appropriate procedures to reserve a spot until 5:30 p.m. Monday.

Defario’s presence attracted a crowd of passionate students. The response was mixed, with most students acknowledging his right to be there but disagreeing with his tactics.

Full story to come in the upcoming Friday edition.

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