Hugh Jackman claws at lasting legacy

This past week, Tom Hardy was trending on Facebook because Hugh Jackman said that Hardy would make for a “great Wolverine,” according to the Wrap.

Jackman told the Wrap he doesn’t want to go out quietly.

“I’m always like, ‘I don’t wanna make it too easy on the studio to replace me,’ you know?,” Jackman said. “I’ve still got one more [film] to do. I’m sure they’re already talking about it, and there’s some actor [they’ve told] ‘shh, keep it quiet but we want you next.’”

Could that actor be Tom Hardy? He certainly has the look and the acting chops. Hardy’s tough-as-nails demeanor, especially in some of his more recent work such as “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Mad Max: Fury Road,” would be a perfect fit for the raging Wolverine.

Jackman has been donning the claws for nearly two decades, debuting as the character in the 2000 comic book adaptation, “X-Men.” He has appeared in every X-Men movie since, (yes, even “X-Men: First Class”) and made a name for himself as the quintessential take on the character.

As a comic book fan and fan of super hero movies, I have tremendous respect for Jackman, not only for his commitment to the role, but his undying love for its fanbase. After 15 years and more to come as a single character, one would think it would get old, especially since Jackman hasn’t really taken any notable hiatuses from the character. It’s been a steady stream of movies and he’s appeared in all of them.

What makes Jackman’s rendition of the character so true to form and “irreplaceable?” As said, his commitment cannot be denied. It’s obvious that the actor has fun in the role and gives it his all every time. After seven movies, Jackman could play Wolverine in his sleep. It’s every bit a part of him as Indiana Jones is for Harrison Ford or James Bond was for Sean Connery.

Then again, maybe we’re so stuck on Jackman being irreplaceable because we’re used to it by now. It was an easy transition for fans to go from Tobey Maguire to Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man.  However, Maguire was only the character for three movies before Garfield took over the role. Jackman has laid a solid foundation that will be a tough act to follow.

It would be a tough sight to see somebody else in the role, but eventually someone will undoubtedly replace Jackman. Hollywood is all about reboots, especially for franchises that rake in big money. With Jackman confirming he will be done after the third “Wolverine” film in 2017, Hollywood will be looking for the right actor to step into the regenerating skin of Wolverine. I say we give them a shot.

Lets just hope it’s not another Brandon Routh/Superman situation.

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