Millennial Nickelodeon nostalgia

The hopes and dreams of everyone born before the millennium are finally coming true. Nickelodeon has revealed a plan to create a channel called “The Splat” that will air shows created by the channel back in the 90s. That means some of the best shows created by the network are coming back.

If you aren’t jumping in the air and thanking whatever higher power you believe in, you must have been a Cartoon Network kid.

“The Splat” will be airing shows such as “Hey Arnold!,” “The Wild Thornberrys” and “Rugrats,” just to name a few. Some may think that this is going to make all the younger kids grow up with the same references we did, but if anything, this channel is for the fans who have been demanding this for years.

The idea has been alive on social media for a while. In 2011, a group was formed on Facebook called “90s Nick Needs its Own Channel.” On top of that, Nick has been teasing the idea on Twitter with the hashtag #TheSplatIsComing.

The channel’s handle is “@thesplat” and it currently has over 600,000 followers. People responding to the tweet are mainly those in their twenties who have been talking about how great this idea is and how it’s going to complete their lives.

This is being marketed perfectly. Those who are going to be the biggest fans are either in college or freshly out. These people have the money and influence to show their love for the channel. They will buy the merch, retweet the tweets and watch the shows until they lose feeling in their legs, because that’s what a true fan does nowadays.

The nostalgia is getting attention. CNN just released an online photo gallery of other shows, movies and music they believe should be brought back by The Splat.

However, the majority of the shows have nothing to do with Nickelodeon.  Shows like “Married… with Children,” “Seinfeld” and “Beavis and Butt-head” were named. These shows, as great and debatably iconic as they were, aren’t the point of the network.

The idea isn’t to bring everything back, it’s to bring back the Nickelodeon that people loved. This was Nick’s heyday. This was when they had the best, funniest and most iconic programs. People can try to fight this, but there is no way to compare “Drake and Josh” to “All That,” “All Grown Up!” to “Rugrats” or any sitcom they’re running now to “Rocket Power.” “Rocket Power” beats all.

“The Splat” will be a greatly accepted addition to Nickelodeon’s growing empire. The fans are already flocking to the idea, and their numbers will only grow. If you want the 90s, get ready for what’s to come.

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