Campus Recreation Report

The Beach Volleyball, Outdoor Soccer and Softball Leagues are all underway at Campus Recreation.

The Beach Volleyball League had their final weekend of games before the playoffs this past weekend. That’s What She Set secured themselves a place in the Co Rec Competitive Playoffs, winning their last two games of the season. They beat B Deep Reloaded two sets to one and Unprotected Sets two sets to none. What Are Those?! also punched their ticket to the playoffs this past weekend, beating both Oswego’s Best and Setsy & We Know It two sets to none.

In the Men’s Competitive Volleyball League, ZBT finished strong after a slow start to their season, beating Russell and the Cox two sets to none. To Kill a Blocking Bird continued to show what a tough  team they are. They have proven hard to beat and won against Bikini Bottom, who had previously been undefeated, two sets to one.

Atletico 315 secured another two victories in the Men’s Competitive Soccer League, beating the Rowdy Roosters 1-0 and We The Movement 3-1. Blunder Mifflin ended their two games in a tie that day. They tied with NARP LIFE 1-1 and with Stop N’ Dump 0-0 during two well fought games.

Who’s Your Papi? have been dominating this season in the Co Rec Competitive Softball League. They added another win to their record, beating A-Roid for MVP 6-0. The Blazin’ Jays have also been a solid team this season. They were able to just edge out Where My Pitches At in a 6-5 victory.

For more information about Campus Recreation programs, gym and pool hours, visit or call Lee Hall at (315) 312-3114.


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